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Pari Palette is an integrated online interior design and design-focused real estate investment company that operates with a hospitality mindset to enhance tenant satisfaction. We are dedicated to helping our clients fall in love with their space. Bring your vision to life with Pal8tte.

Spacious Living Room
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Online Interior Design Service

If your space needs a facelift, you have come to the right place!


Our design philosophy celebrates the fast-paced lifestyle, Pari Palette offers online personal design services that give a professional touch and unite the clients’ living creativity with decorating ideas. We enrich nomadic living through attentive designs that individuals could engage creatively, comfortably, and conveniently. The platform can be accessed from anywhere and can be delivered in a quick turnaround time. We commit to design the spaces that are most important to you.


Since our service is about catering urban lifestyles, we take on a full life cycle thinking with a sustainable mindset. We build a responsible approach to furniture. Because of that reason, we offer the furniture rental service to limit the amount of furniture that is ending up in landfill. 


Pari Palette streamlines the process and makes your life easier.

Rental Furniture Service:

The service is the full life cycle thinking that integrates the design service with the optimization of furniture.

reuse refurbished items

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Personal Space Services

Design Staging 



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reuse refurbished items

Enjoy an unlimited creative experience through the annual subscription tailored to your needs and interests with an option to freshen up your spaces annually. 

Rental Service

Locale Palette

We Make Dreams a Reality

Pari Palette is here to make design dream a reality. We illustrate our vision by developing quality rental units, “Locale Palette”, which serve as a client’s helpful guide. Our collection of Locale Palette reveals the architectural, cultural, and historical nuances of neighborhoods.

Apartment Building


Pari Palette was founded in 2022 to create an innovative and flexible approach to modern life through development and design services.

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