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Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Refresh your bathroom without breaking your budget with these affordable makeover ideas. With simple decor updates and minor renovations, you can bring added style and function to your bathroom without a total overhaul.

1. Update your fixtures

A very cheap and easy way to update your bathroom is to replace or spray paint the fixtures. It can easily change the look and feel of your bathroom, giving it a very pleasing visual lift. It’s a simple and cost effective way to make some improvements to your bathroom.

2. Brighten the Existing Tile

Refresh a vintage tiled floor, with an eco- and homeowner-friendly acid etcher that removes ground-in dirt from the surface and grout lines. This is an especially budget-friendly way to enhance and celebrate original design features in an older home.

3. Wall-Mount a Cabinet

Conceal toiletries in a sleek hanging cabinet that doesn't eat up any floor space. You can also install shelving to get the most out of storage in a small room.

4. Replace outdated lighting

With the myriad of modern and contemporary bathroom lighting styles that are available, you can easily find some that will fit your budget and theme. Replace your dated light fixture with something that is new and dramatic, like chandeliers or pendant lights. Avoid yellow bulbs and cold or fluorescent lighting. Natural or simulated natural light in bathrooms is always the best option.

5. Refresh your shower curtain

If you have a bathroom that requires a shower curtain, take good care when selecting your utility. Shower curtains can consume a large area of the bathroom visually and can be the perfect item to add some style to your décor.

6. Hide ugly shower bottles

Nothing ruins the look of a new and clean shower quite like this mess. You can make your bathroom less messy by using the same color of plastic bottles. The bottles should be large enough to fit regular and economy size quantities.

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