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Bring Out the Beauty in Your Windows

There’s a wide array of window types and just as many ways to dress them. Often an afterthought, window treatments such as curtains, shades, and blinds are an important part of any room design and can add privacy, conserve energy, and bring an extra element of pattern or color. From luxurious Marie Antoinette–inspired velvet blackout curtains to minimalist pinstriped Belgian linen sheer curtains, the options are endless. However, a poorly executed one can make a usually stellar panorama into something of an eyesore. Window treatments is more than just a functional item, but a transformative decor. The right window treatment can make a world of difference. Here are some trends we are seeing.

Dark Sheer

Sheer curtains are simple, chic and very adaptable. They are no longer the white net curtains that twitched throughout suburbia. Sheers today can be the ultimate finishing touch for a room. Add a touch of understated colour with darker sheer for a more contemporary style. The S Wave heading shown above is perfect for a contemporary style look for sheers. This heading system can be placed above the window or on the ceiling.

All About Trimmings

Trims, tapes, and tassels are back. Curtains are lovely decor elements in themselves but when they are zhuzhed up with delightful little details, they step up the theme of the room and the overall decor. In fact, it’s hard to believe how much of a difference is brought about by a teeny detail. When choosing your trims, ensure that you match the decor of the room and the aesthetic you wish to convey. When the situation calls for something a bit more basic and neutral, we have been adding a trim or tape for that little extra something.

Roman Blinds

For the ultimate blend of form and function, Roman blinds are the current go-to for most of the pros we spoke to. Because Roman shades lend themselves to both simplicity and extravagance of design to suit any decorating style, you can decide whether to make them the center of attention or not. Shades in colors or patterns that contrast with walls or with furnishings bring more interest to a room. Add coordinating or contrast trim along one or more edges.

Happy Hues

Beyond providing shade, light control, and privacy, the textures and colors of window treatments can dramatically transform the ambiance of the room. You can use this type of window treatment in smaller windows, or in your tallest for a statement piece. Vibrant touches of blue, orange, gray, or platinum in all forms work well with neutral grounds of ivory, cream, or beige. You can add curtains where you don’t even have a window. In an open concept home where the rooms all flow together, you can select an area to place curtains to section off rooms.


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