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Important Rules

Our homes are private places

It’s important that we know who is spending time at our homes, so you will need to inform us your guest information. Visitors are not allowed without prior approval - failure to inform Locale Palette may result in a fee. You are responsible for your guests' behaviour, so please keep an eye on them and make sure they call it a night when you do.


To ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all guests, we have established the following guidelines regarding pets:


We don't allow pets at this home.


Pet owners must disclose pet information prior to booking. We welcome up to 2 pets per booking. Additionally, to maintain a manageable and comfortable environment, each pet must weigh less than 50 pounds. Pet owners are responsible for ensuring their pets are well-behaved and non-disruptive to other guests. Guests will be held responsible for any damages caused by their pets to the property or its furnishings. Additional charges may apply for repairs or replacements.

Party, Smoking, Commercial Photography, Filming

We don't allow party, smoking, commercial photography, filming at our homes. Event venues must submit the request for approval.

Direct Booking

• 50% due at time of booking. Remaining balance due 7 days before arrival.
• 50% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 7 days before arrival or earlier. Not refundable if cancelled after.

Guest Screening & Damaged Deposit

We use our own guest screening and damaged deposit program through SUPERHOG. It is a safety measure that will ensure that damages and lost items caused by guests can be taken care of. Such damages would include the cost of excessive cleaning and/or damage to furniture, rugs, walls, and fixtures as well as replacing missing items such as bedding, towels, furnishings, artwork, décor, kitchenware, etc. 


We require all guests to complete the I.D. verification process which requires guests to share a photo ID and confirm that the personal information submitted by the guest corresponds with their real identity. The name attached to the payment method used to book must match the guest ID.


As part of the guests validation process, we’ll enable you two options; 

(1) Traditional deposit option of refundable $500 (plus $15 non- refundable handling charge) paid by the guest
(2) Damage Waiver option of $35 non-refundable fee to put in place a $500 damage waiver

If no reported violation or damages is found after check-out, the deposit will be refunded and takes 7 days to reflect on the guest’s credit card.


Check-in & Check-Out

Check-in: 4:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM

Early check-in and late check-out may be requested for an additional fee of $50 per hour. If the guest checks out late without prior approval, the guest will be subject to a $200 fee. We do not have a storage room. Therefore, luggage cannot be stored at our homes prior to check-in or after check out. Locale Palette is not liable for any missing or damaged items.

Interaction with Guests

Our homes have no on-site concierge, personnel, or night staff. Prior to your arrival, you will be provided with a digital app to guide you through the contactless check-in process, how-to instructions, add-on services, and local perks before and during your stay. We are always available via the app or text message or email should any questions or issues arise. Keep communication open with us.


The minimum age required to check into our homes is 21 years of age. All guests under the age of 21 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Home Guide

Furniture & Furnishings

Please treat our high quality brand furnishing with the love and respect so that it will be in great condition for other guests. All furniture, furnishings, décor, and kitchenware must be returned to their original placement prior to checking out. Violations will result in a fee.

Surface Maintenance

Although stone is generally heat-resistant, but it can be damaged by high temperatures. We appreciate you utilizing coasters and plate mats when placing drinks and hot cookware on surfaces.

Cleaning Service

We provide a full cleaning service prior to check-in and after check-out. With 24-hour notice, specific additional cleaning service is available for an additional fee and can be requested by contacting us at (267) 225-7124 or

Trash & Recycling

For waste and recycling can be disposed of in the dedicated kitchen cabinet and bathroom trash receptacle within a suite. For overflow trash and recycling removal from your suite, you may dispose of bagged trash & recycling on these following days;


Tuesday after 5 pm and Wednesday before 8 am at the curb in front of the property.


Monday after 5 pm for both trash & recycling and Thursday after 5 pm for trash only at the curb in front of the property. All trash must be inside the outdoor trash can.

Security Cameras

Your safety and privacy are important to us. We have security cameras in the front, on the side, and the back of the building. There are NO cameras or recording devices inside our suites except "Staff Only" room. 

Smart Locks

Removing the need for physical keys, which can be easily lost or forgotten, smart locks secure your residence with a digital cryptographic key code. Each resident can lock and unlock the door with a personal passcode.

Quiet Hours

The City of Philadelphia and our homes strictly enforce a 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM quiet hour. Noise production should not interfere with the quality of life in order to keep the peace among residents and to keep your place safe from noise complaints. Any complaint made by neighbors may result in an immediate eviction and a fine between $500 to $2,000. On top of that, residents should successfully set out their own additional house rules for how you live together.  

Home Guide
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