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Important Rules

Our homes are private places

Visitors are allowed but you are responsible for your guests' behaviour, so please keep an eye on them and make sure they call it a night when you do.

Pets, Party, Smoking, Commercial Photography, Filming

We don't allow pets, party, smoking, commercial photography, filming at our homes.


All residents have their own private bedroom and private storage space within the residence. No personal belongings are allowed in the common area, except the dedicated storage space. Residents share the common areas in a respectful manner.


To make sure you’re able to find a great match as fast as possible, we will share roommate questionnaire result among the current and prospect residents. The current residents of the residence will make a decision and provide you the feedback. If they feel like you’re a great fit, you’ll be able to proceed with your application.


Residents can choose between 3-18 month lease terms. Pricing can be subject to change based on the lease term. We do not charge a broker fee.

Residents must abide by the terms of a lease until it expires. There are some exceptions, however, including:

  • Allowed by federal or state law: Laws vary from state to state, but federal law permits a member that enlists in active military service to terminate a tenancy early with proper documentation.

  • Find a replacement: A resident may find a replacement for your lease to take over your contractual obligations. A replacement must meet Locale Palette's screening criteria and be approved by the current roommates. The replacement’s lease start date would end the replacing resident’s lease obligations.

You are required to give Locale Palette 60 days notice prior to terminating your lease. If you terminate your lease before the lease end date, you will still be financially responsible for the rent and utilities if applicable up until the lease end date even if you move out. However, you are allowed to find a replacement for your leased room. After they are approved by Locale Palette's rental criteria, they can start a new lease that will terminate your old lease as well as your financial responsibility for the leased space. The person moving in does not need to take over your specific lease dates.

Online Portal

Residents require to use a designated online portal that we provide. Enjoy stress-free renting with one-tap payments, AutoPay, rent reminders, rental chat, and quick responses to repair requests via Tellus app. Download “Tellus” from the Apple or Google Play stores for convenient, 24/7 account and payment management from your mobile device!

Rent Payment

All leases are individual so if your roommate doesn’t submit payment, you are not responsible for them. Payment is due on the first of every month. Tellus accepts payments with bank accounts, credit or debit cards, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. Paying and collecting rent with a bank account is always free. Paying with credit or debit cards is a service that incurs a 3% surcharge from the payment network. Payment with cards is instantaneous.

Security Deposit

We require security deposit or an approved security deposit alternative. Security deposits will be returned in accordance to state Landlord Tenant Law after the move-out date.

Renter Insurance

While renters insurance is not required by law in Pennsylvania, we recommend it for you to live in our homes as landlord’s insurance is not liable for any damage to your personal property in the event of a fire, accident, or burglary. You can get renters insurance without a lease. To change the address on your renters insurance policy, you need to contact your insurance company and let them know you’re moving. On average, tenants in Pennsylvania can expect to pay $194 annually for a renters insurance policy. 

Interaction with Residents

Our homes have no on-site concierge, personnel, or night staff. Prior to your arrival, you will be provided with a digital app to guide you through the contactless move-in process, how-to instructions, add-on services, and local perks during your lease. We are always available via Tellus app or text message (267) 225-7124 or email should any questions or issues arise. Keep communication open with us.


The minimum age required to stay in our homes is 21 years of age. 

Home Guide

Furniture & Furnishings

Please treat our high quality brand furnishing with the love and respect so that it will be in great condition for other residents. We appreciate you utilizing coasters and plate mats when placing drinks and hot cookware on surfaces. Residents authorizes Locale Palette to charge the cost of repair of such damage or loss of such items caused by themselves, or any person for whom they are responsible. Such damages would include the cost of cleaning upholstery, fumigation if the guest smokes in a room, and/or damages to furniture, rugs, walls, and fixtures as well as replacing missing items such as furnishings, artwork, décor, kitchenware, etc. 

Furniture & Deco Packages

We provide furniture and decor packages to residents. Since our service is about catering urban lifestyles, we take on a full life cycle thinking with a sustainable mindset. We build a responsible approach to furniture. We offer the furniture rental service to limit the amount of furniture that is ending up in landfill. Contact us at for more information and discounts. 

Maintenance Request

Each request can be submitted via Tellus app should any questions or issues arise. Keep communication open with us.

We work with maintenance partners to quickly address important items within the residence that are broken or not functioning in their intended form. We strive to address maintenance requests in a timely manner that appropriately reflects the urgency of the problem. 

Extra Storage

Our homes may offer extra storage space that you can rent out monthly on a first come first served basis for additional fees.  

Cleaning Service

We provide a common area cleaning service monthly. To ensure you have a polished space, there should be no personal items left on the ground/surfaces in the common area. With 24-hour notice, specific additional cleaning service is available for an additional fee and can be requested by contacting us via Tellus app.

Trash & Recycling

Waste and recycling can be disposed of in the dedicated trash bins and bathroom trash receptacle. For overflow trash and recycling removal from your suite, you may dispose of bagged trash & recycling on Tuesday after 5 pm and Wednesday before 8 am in front of the property only.

Security Cameras

Your safety and privacy are important to us. We have security cameras in the front, on the side, the back, and the basement of the building. There are NO cameras or recording devices inside the unit. 

Smart Locks

Removing the need for physical keys, which can be easily lost or forgotten, smart locks secure your residence with a digital cryptographic key code. Each resident can lock and unlock the door with a personal passcode.

Quiet Hours

The City of Philadelphia and our homes strictly enforce a 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM quiet hour. Noise production should not interfere with the quality of life in order to keep the peace among residents and to keep your place safe from noise complaints. Any complaint made by another resident or neighbors may result in a fine between $500 to $2,000. On top of that, residents should successfully set out their own additional house rules for how you live together.  


Utilities (Water, Heat, Electricity, Wifi) are all inclusive as we want to make it easy for each resident as part of our commitment to streamlining your rental experience. 


You always want to leave your space better than you found it! Furniture, furnishings, décor, and kitchenware should be returned to their original placement prior the moving out date. Fill in those small picture holes, spot paint, remove all personal belongings & deep clean all relevant areas. We need 60 days notice for every move-out. Upon marking your move-out, you'll be sent a move-out inspection form to complete. Failure to hand over a clean and maintenance-free room will result in a move-out charge.

As we build a responsible approach to furniture, you may sell used furniture through us for an additional fee. We will evaluate furniture you want to sell and send you those credits after the selling.

Home Guide
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